Making ‘health and happiness’​ a reality, through Torbay Culture

An article by Martin Thomas, Executive Director, Torbay Culture, discusses making ‘health and happiness’​ a reality.

Torbay Culture has been driven by a simple idea – that of culture, creativity, and heritage improving the quality of life for people in Torbay.

Culture brings people together. Even remotely – we’ve seen that especially during the last 15 months or so. The other priority for us in our roles has been that of building trust and confidence. For a place to be happier and healthier – which is after all Torbay’s civic motto – we need greater cooperation, and we have to encourage each other to trust in one another.

There has been a lot of talk about partnership work, but encouraging meaningful collaboration is something that takes time and patience. Like a garden, it needs regular nurturing and the right conditions to thrive. The seeds and bulbs once brought to a vacant plot, do not plant themselves and must first grow to contribute to the beauty of the landscape. The flowers do not bloom overnight, and the great trees that offer shade and protection will be years in the making.

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