Frame of Mind at RAMM

Frame of Mind at RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) is being shaped by young people with their own experiences of mental health issues, who want to create a kind, supportive space on social media as an antidote to the unattainable perfection and superficial competition showcased in much of the digital world.

Frame of Mind at RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) have been offering a series of workshops open to 14-18 yr olds in Devon.  The short courses have been using photography combined with mindfulness to explore the outdoors and as a way for young people to be part of a supportive group. An art therapist and a professional photographer from Youth Arts & Health Trust have led online workshops and in-person museum visits.

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Alongside the short course RAMM are offering other ways to join in! Frame of Mind is posting and sharing regular photography suggestions and tips on their Instagram. Along with mindfulness pauses, inspirational quotes and a supportive space to encourage kindness, this is the perfect antidote to the impossible perfection of selfie culture – a chance to look outwards and be creative, inspired by the detail in museum objects. Open to anyone over 14, follow @rammframeofmind and share your photos.

Frame of Mind is inspired by the methods of Look Again mindful photography and research by University of Gloucester Engage With Your Community With Fresh Eyes about its benefits for wellbeing.

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