Exploring the use of Drama and Theatre and Dementia

A researcher from the University of Northampton is undertaking a piece of research to explore the ways that drama or theatre are being used in the area of dementia, to gain an understanding of the breadth of work and who this work is aimed at. Artists and arts organisations are invited to take part in this research through a short online questionnaire.

A research project, carried out by Alison Ward at the University of Northampton aims to explore the way drama and theatre is being used to explore issues of dementia, be this by working directly with people living with a diagnosis, their family or health and social care professionals, or by raising awareness of dementia.

The project aims to gain an understanding of the breadth of the work in this area. There is a great deal of positive work being undertaken both in the community and in care homes by artists and arts organisations using different forms of creative engagement. However, there does not seem to be much information specifically on drama and theatre. A short online questionnaire has been developed to start to capture some information about the different types of organisations, groups or individuals who are working in this area and who they are working with.

This questionnaire is anonymous and you will not be asked for your name or personal details. Questions will ask about the type of work you do and who this is with, but you do not have to give any names. What you say will be confidential and the information you give will be looked at with everyone else’s responses.

The information provided is part of a wider project which will include a review of online and written resources and discussions with people with dementia. The information from this project will be used to produce a short summary report, a paper for academic publication or for a conference presentation.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project or would like to take part in the survey, you can access the questionnaire via the link:


or contact Alison on alison.ward[at]northampton.ac.uk

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