Disability Arts Online presents ‘Mirrored to the Core’

A video artwork project with an operatic twist – Mirrored to the Core tells the story of two adults with lived experience of schizophrenia.

Mirrored to the Core is a love story, working across art forms – opera, film, visual art installation, fashion, composition, and theatrical dramaturgical process – to tell the story of two adults with lived experience of schizophrenia.

This art-installation piece, the vision of artist James Paddock is constructed around a short film with composer Jerome van den Berghe, soprano Lizzie Holmes and actors Jacob Tsering and Zing Akinshegun. The work has been produced in collaboration with opera director Rosalind Parker, director of photography Chris Keenan and sound recordist Richard Gott.

On one level it is beautifully, and profoundly simple, heartfelt, and direct, and tells the story of encounter and attraction between two adults as they meet, spark chemistry, and embark on a relationship. On another level the work is explosive in its approach to artistic conventions and interdisciplinarity between creative praxis and health.

On the 8 December Disability Arts Online presented the short film alongside a discussion. The event broadcast through Disability Arts Online’s FaceBook and YouTube channels, was hosted by Alys Skott-Hawkins with lead artist James Paddock, opera director Rosalind Parker and video artist Sarah Mace-Dennis about the film and the next stages of the project.

Watch the film and find out more about this project via Disability Arts Online disabilityarts.online/events/disability-arts-online-presents-a-discussion-about-mirrored-to-the-core-a-video-artwork-with-an-operatic-twist/



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