Digital Tools and Techniques for Artists & Creatives

Join Creativity Works for a series of five short sessions that can help you establish your creative practice and business online.

Who is this for?

Any artist or creative who would like to develop their online practice and presence.

What will I gain?

  • A clearer understanding of how thrive in an online environment as an artist and/or creative practitioner.
  • A tool-set and plan you can return to whenever necessary.
  • A supportive peer-group all facing similar challenges.
  • Advice tailored to your need by practitioner and University lecturer Sara.

What do the Workshops involve?

Join Sara Pugh, co-founder and Managing Director of design and marketing agency Eight Wire, and members of her team, for this series of five one and a half hour sessions, focusing on the digital tools and techniques that can help you establish your creative practice and business online.

During the sessions, Sara will create a sense of community amongst participants in a safe, inspiring and creative environment. She will offer personal support to participants, as well as expert insight and advice. You will also benefit hugely from peer learning and support and the collective knowledge of the group.

The sessions will be facilitated by Sara and will evolve as we progress, making sure we can react to participant’s requests and needs, as well as the ongoing challenges of the current situation.

Session 1 – How to move your work online [27th October]
Explore simple, quick and creative ways to make you confident and ready to start interacting with audiences, participants and potential clients online. Create safe and comfortable online spaces.

Session 2 – Establishing an online delivery model [3rd November]
Learn how to choose and use a variety of online platforms for workshops, classes, lessons, training, sales and more. What are the best platforms for your creative practice and business?

Session 3 – Top communication tips: What to say and how to say it! [10th November]
Develop your own marketing and communication style that fits your work. What are the different ways to reach audiences?

Session 4 – Social Media graphics [17th November]
How to make great looking graphics for use on social media and the web. An invaluable tool to help you stand out from the crowd.

Session 5 – Getting the best out of digital tools [24th November]
Enhance your use of websites, blogspots, social media platforms, and other means. Are you reaching the right people? Are you sure they can find you?

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