Creativity Works supporting wellbeing through creativity across the Mendip region

Creativity Works has been awarded funding by the Somerset Community Foundation to provide FREE online creative courses to combat isolation across the Mendip region.


Creativity Works is providing FREE online creative courses to combat isolation across the Mendip region. Courses include Photography, Wild Art, Journaling, Creative Writing and creating a Creative Home and are being run by a range of professional Artists.

The project will offer residents of Mendip engaging, accessible opportunities for participation in creative activity at a time when many vulnerable people are feeling particularly isolated.

Philippa Forsey, Creative Wellbeing Manager said, Keeping the mind active and providing a continued sense of community is vital.

These courses will encourage people to have a focus, participate creatively with professional artists and each other, and meet like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment.

Creativity Works will deliver the courses working in partnership with other local organisations such asEcoWild to ensure there is an accessible variety of creative and environmentally themed activity offered to the community. Creativity Works are working closely with Health Connections Mendip, amongst other partners, to help signpost community members to these sessions and to help them understand where the greatest need lies.

Creativity Works are offering a range of ways for people to be involved with them starting with online courses and with further opportunities to meet face to face where and when possible.

Please get in touch with Creativity Works if  you, or anyone you know in the Mendip area who is feeling anxious, isolated, living with poor mental health or has a low sense of their wellbeing, would benefit from getting involved in some high-quality, local creative projects.

The current list of courses are listed on the Creativity Works website >> 

For more information contact oliver[at] or visit

Creativity Works

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