Creative Health Review proposed in House of Lords

Lord Howarth (President of CHWA and Chair of the National Centre for Creative Health) has proposed a review of creative health as part of the Health & Social Care Bill.

This month National Centre for Creative Health Chair and Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance President, Lord Howarth, has once again been advocating the value of creative health in the House of Lords as the Health and Care Bill moved into the final stages of discussion before it is adopted into legislation.

The Health and Care Bill and Creative Health

The Health and Care Bill promotes greater integration of health and care services in England, through the establishment of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), and together with the NHS Long Term Plan, places greater emphasis on personalised care and prevention of illness, providing a good opportunity to draw on the potential of creative health approaches to improve health and quality of life.

In previous debates, Lord Howarth highlighted the vital role creative health can play in several areas covered by the Bill including patient choice, innovation, research, education and training, palliative care, integration and public involvement. He provided examples of the pioneering work carried out by a range of organisations across the country and his comments received much support among peers.

The Health and Care Bill provides flexibility for ICSs to arrange healthcare services in response to local need, and therefore could lead to greater inclusion of non-clinical and creative health providers in healthcare planning and delivery. Maximising this potential will require knowledge and awareness of the benefits of creative health approaches in healthcare leadership, and the development of effective and sustainable funding and commissioning models to fully embed creative health across the system.

For this reason, Lord Howarth proposed a review of creative health, which would build on the expanding body of evidence for effective creative interventions, and address how we can best apply this at ICS and national policy level, taking into account the context of recovery from the pandemic and a focus in policy on levelling up and reducing health inequalities.

Read more about Creative Health and the Health and Care Bill via the National Centre for Creative Health website here >> 

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