Community Mental Health Framework Engagement in Devon

Have your say in the way the Community Mental Health Framework is delivered in Devon.

As part of the Engagement work being undertaken by the NHS in Devon,  NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are holding several events and workshops (virtually) for interested providers and key stakeholders.

The focus of the workshops will be on future service delivery and models of contracting, and will provide an opportunity to discuss key themes that the commissioners want to explore.

Sign up to attend Market Engagement Events. Read on for more information and instructions for getting involved.

Dates of Virtual Meetings

You can attend one or any of the engagement meetings listed below to be involved in discussions that will affect you, your group or your organisation. The following events are being planned on the provisional dates listed.  This information is provided for scheduling purposes, and further information will be provided in due course to all organisations that have expressed general interest in the project (i.e. are registered on the project within In-Tend).

7th July 2021: Market Engagement Kick-off Event
12th July 2021: Service-specific session (therapeutic interventions, recovery navigation & rehab)
12th July 2021: Service-specific session (Community development, loneliness and isolation reduction)
13th July 2021: Service-specific session (multi-disciplinary team working)
13th July 2021: Service-specific session (Crisis cafe)
13th July 2021: Service-specific session (Employment Support)
26th July 2021: Initial Provider Collaborative 1:1 session
2nd August 2021: Second Provider Collaborative 1:1 session
3rd August 2021: Market Engagement Closing Event

How to Register and Book your Place

Please follow the instructions below to register and learn more / be part of the market engagement events. Once registered, queries should be directed through the ‘in-tend’ portal. Any responses to questions need to be published openly to provide all interested parties with the same information.

1. Register on the in-tend portal ( and second link below)

2. Register your interest in the Devon Community Mental Health Framework VCSE/I Alliance. (Providers now have 30 days to express their interest)

3. Read all associated documents included

4. Follow the instruction on intend to book on to the engagement events.

5. Please use the in-tend portal should there be any questions regarding the events or the CMHF VCSE/I Alliance. All communication with potential providers will be via this portal.

For more information contact

Justin Wiggin Senior Commissioning Manager

(Adult Mental Health) Mental Health Commissioning NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Pomona House, Oak View Close, Torquay, TQ2 7FF


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