Catalogue of Mental Health Measures

An interactive catalogue of mental health and wellbeing measures in British cohort and longitudinal studies.

Awareness of mental health and wellbeing has steadily increased in recent years. Estimates of the extent and the adverse impacts of mental health problems underline the urgent need for more research to understand the causes and the consequences of mental ill health and to identify the most effective interventions.

Existing longitudinal and cohort studies provide unique opportunities to answer key questions related to population mental health and wellbeing.

The Catalogue of Mental Health Measures is designed to provide easy access to information about the mental health measures included in British cohort and longitudinal studies to maximise the uptake of existing data and facilitate mental health research.

The catalogue provides information about thousands of standard and non-standard measures of mental health and wellbeing collected in UK longitudinal studies. Measures detailed in the catalogue include indicators of mental health problems, treatment, service use, impairment and psychological wellbeing.

By providing details of the measures and studies, the catalogue serves as a resource for researchers

  • Identifying datasets that include mental health and wellbeing measures
  • Planning harmonisation studies
  • Planning further data collection.

The resource is also intended for researchers who may be less familiar with mental health or from other disciplines – demographers, economists, urbanist, linguists and others. To support these researchers, the catalogue also provides information about additional training and support for conducting longitudinal mental health research.

This project is funded by CLOSER and supported by a grant to the ESRC Mental Health Leadership Fellow.

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Invitation to Catalogue of Mental Health Measures Webinar 

Hosted by The Loneliness & Social Isolation in Mental Health Research Network there is a webinar 3-4pm on 20th January 2021, aimed at researchers, in which Louise Arseneault, ESRC Mental Health Leadership Fellow, and colleagues will demonstrate the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures. After providing some background there will be a practical exercise highlighting cohorts with measures of social isolation, loneliness and mental health.

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