Bournville Tapestry – A collection of fables about flourishing, told near the sea

The Bournville Tapestry brings together a series of stories, inspired by Community Connections a Social Prescribing Service.

The Bournville Tapestry has developed from an initiative called Community Connections and involves old and new alliances between various residents, organisations, individuals and community groups, and is based around the community organisation For All Healthy Living Centre. Bringing together a series of stories, designed to explore an initiative bringing arts activity and other social prescribing to Weston-super-Mare’s South Ward.

The Bournville Tapestry as a whole is about flourishing, about disconnection and connection, about journeys and the work to shine a light on a community, which according to government statistics, this is one of the most under resourced areas of the South West. The stories span the time before and after the COVID-19 emergency and lockdown of Spring 2020.

The Bournville Tapestry represents a fraction of the stories that could be told. The stories were gathered through a series of individual zooms with writer, Elspeth Penny, in August and September 2020. Often vibrant and passionate, the Bournville Tapestry is about different points of view, sometimes entertaining and always illuminating.

It is a tapestry of a seascape with lots of loose threads, unfinished. As time goes on more threads can be gathered. Not all stories have been able to be included, so there may be holes in the tapestry. Perhaps by continuing to listen to stories from different perspectives, we may mend some of those holes, and perhaps avoid a fixed ending, at least for now.

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About Community Connections

Community Connections aims to reduce health inequalities by improving the health and wellbeing of people living in the South Ward of Weston-super-Mare through a Social Prescribing Service. It is a partnership project between Arts & Health South West, the For All Healthy Living CentreAlliance Homes and Theatre Orchard.


Bournville Tapestry

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