Become a Music for Dementia Champion

Join Music for Dementia and declare your support for getting music into the ears and lives of people living with dementia.

By joining Music for Dementia as a Champion you are adding your voice to their campaign for music to be recognised and valued across society as a necessity for people living with dementia.

34.5 million people in the UK – that’s more than half the population – know someone living with dementia. It touches everyone, both the old and young, mothers,  fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends.

The stark truth is that the number of people diagnosed with dementia is predicted to almost double by 2040 to 1.6 million.

Until we have a cure for dementia, we must work to help improve quality of life.

We can all play a role because we have the wonderful gift of music which is proven to transform the quality of life for people living with this condition. Individually, it’s hard to make enough noise to make ourselves heard, but together if we all ‘play the same music’ we can achieve great things.

You can access Music for Dementia campaigning resources HERE to send a letter to your MP and GP to raise awareness of the power of music.

Champions will be be listed as one of Music for Dementia supporters. Organisations can upload a logo, while members of the public and carers can tell us their own stories of how music has helped someone they know with dementia.

For more information about how to become Music for Dementia Champion visit >>


Being a music for dementia champion

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