New information on how to apply to become an ACE National Portfolio Organisation

New information and resources for those interested in applying to ACE’s next National Portfolio for 2023 onwards.

Thinking of applying to become an Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation, ACE have a range of new information and resources for those interested in applying for 2023 onwards.

Watch a briefing

In November ACE ran a series of digital briefings which explained more about what the National Portfolio is and the process of making an application to join it, as well as answering questions. You can now watch recordings of all the briefings ACE held on their website. You can also access full transcripts of the briefings, as well as presentation slides.

Take a look here

Read the FAQs 
Following on from the digital briefings, ACE have collated all the questions people asked them and published a set of FAQs to help  decide if making an application is right for your organisation and, if it is, prepare to make your application in the new year.

Find out more here 

Book an introductory conversation 

If you’re planning on making an application, from Monday 20 December you can book an introductory conversation with ACE. Conversations will begin from Monday 31 January 2022. If your organisation is planning to apply but isn’t currently part of the National Portfolio, you must have an introductory conversation with ACE before submitting your application.

These conversations cover the following:

  • Asking you about your organisation and the work you do
  • Provide guidance on the level of funding that is appropriate for you to apply for
  • Discuss your organisation’s governance arrangements
  • Talk about the work you’ll do to help ACE realise our Outcomes and embed our Investment Principles

To book an introductory conversation, you have to get in touch with ACE Customer Services team from Monday 20 December.

Current National Portfolio Organisations are not required to have an introductory conversation however if they would like one, they can request this directly with their Relationship Manager from Monday 20 December.

Contact ACE here

Updated Financial templates

Last month ACE shared the Financial templates that they’ll ask you to complete and submit as part of your application to join the National Portfolio.
ACE wanted to let everyone know that they’ve just re-published the template due to a formula error in the reserves section of the cash flow forecast. To correct the error and simplify the template, they’ve removed the reserves lines in the cash flow template apart from the line for restricted funds. You’ll need to use this updated template for your application.

Download the templates here

More information

Find out more information about applying for ACE’s National Portfolio for 2023 onwards –

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