Soundwell Autumn Wellbeing Retreat

29/10/21 to 29/10/21
9.30am - 4.30pm
Exmoor National Park, Dulverton, UK
Sound-Well Autumn Wellbeing Retreat

Treat yourself to a day of calm reflection in the heart of Exmoor National Park with Sound-Well Healing with Sound. Enjoy meaningful relaxation as you celebrate the fruitfulness of Autumn in the peaceful woods and lovely shoreline of Exmoor’s Wimbleball Lake!

At this time of year (Samhain/Halloween) we’re invited to retreat with Nature into the dark womb of Life. According to Celtic tradition, this is not an ending but a beginning. For light is always born out of darkness, they are inseparable, interdependent, and necessary. Darkness is fertile with ‘all potential’. With the beginning of this dark phase comes the opportunity to rest and reflect on the past and to dream of new beginnings. The seed now hidden in the earth will germinate in its season. And so this day retreat is the perfect time to look for the seeds in yourself!

The Timber Cabin will be the haven to connect and listen to our intuitive Self. With a blend of home-cooking, fresh air and solo time in Nature, storytelling, a fire, walk and gong bath – you will come away feeling revitalised and more aligned with your intuition and potential.

Deeply nourishing. It was a peaceful, wonderfully and lovingly held sacred space – food for the soul on all levels and the gong bath was an ecstatic experience.

·       Practice grounding and tuning in to your higher Self.

·       Deepen your ability to listen and come into a state of ease and Presence

·       Experience meaningful connection, creative inspiration & storytelling

·       Enjoy the peace of mindful breathing, walking and personal reflection

·       Soothe away stress and tension with a blissful gong bath‍

Immersed in the soft cradle of the natural world, this is an ideal place to harness a deeper sense of wellbeing, creativity and clarity, to playfully explore whilst deepening your personal or professional development.


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