Self Care for Participatory Arts Practitioners

05/10/21 to 05/10/21
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Arts & Health Hub HQ, Peckham, South London
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About this event

Hosted by Arts and Health Hub this FREE workshop is aimed at Participatory Arts Practitioners who would like to gain an insight into their own stress/trauma responses in their work and develop creative and strategic ways of addressing those responses in order to foster creative resilience.

It is well known within the industry that Participatory Arts Practitioners can be impacted – psychologically, emotionally and mentally – through their work with vulnerable people in diverse communities.  This can result in practitioners suffering with secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.  How can practitioners understand and take care of their own wellbeing, whilst remaining passionate about caring for others?

The session will offer a whole body and mind approach to practitioner awareness and self-care, drawing from neurobiological research and creative, embodied therapies.  This experiential two hours will include:

  • Embodied self-awareness based on ‘bottom up’ processing of emotions rather than ‘top down’ thinking.
  • Movement based strategies – exploration of posture, gait, movement, positioning as responses to stressful or emotionally intense situations.
  • Creative exploration
  • Shared experience within the group to enable peer support

This experiential learning will inspire the development of a strategic ‘tool-kit’ for practitioner self-care which might include strategies around nervous system regulation and identifying stress response markers and combatting vicarious trauma.

How to book

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