Making Arts Integral to Health and Wellbeing – Virtual NOAH Annual Conference

19/10/20 to 21/10/20
10.30am - 6.30pm
NOAH Annual Conference: Making Arts Integral to Health and Wellbeing

The 4th Annual National Conference from the US’s National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH) will feature three days of learning, sharing and connecting with colleagues from around the world. The conference will provide opportunities to:

  • learn how others are creating successful programs during current health and social crises;
  • share ideas on how to adapt, thrive and help communities heal;
  • connect with colleagues to engage in creative activities and continue discussions; and
  • hear from leading practitioners about best practices, latest developments and creative responses to the rapidly shifting landscape.

Monday, October 19: Arts in Health Programming
How does a particular program or practice successfully demonstrate the integration of arts into a health setting? How were programs/practices developed? What were the challenges, resolutions, lessons learned? Presentations discuss the how-to of programming: costs, funding structures, training, partnerships, processes, populations & accessibility.

Tuesday, October 20: The Value of Arts in Health
How do we communicate the value of integrating the arts into health and wellbeing to gain support from hospital administrations, educational institutions, patients, healthcare providers, foundations, and the general public? On this day, we look at financials, surveys, outcomes, relationship building and advocacy to build sustainable buy-in and support across stakeholder groups.

Wednesday, October 21: Arts and Social Equity
Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. How can the arts build a culture of health and wellbeing across race, class, gender, geography and culture? Today we examine how to emphasize the role of the arts in creating equitable, inclusive and healthy communities.

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