From Radical Self-Care to Collective Wellbeing: with Kajal Nisha Patel

20/07/22 to 20/07/22
7.00pm - 8.00pm
Online event
Radical Self-Care to Collective Wellbeing: with Kajal Nisha Patel

About this Event

Part of Axis’s – The Body Season collection, Kajal Nisha Patel will provide you with new tools to nurture a healthy creative practice.

The concept of self-care has become synonymous with consumerism. Though originally promoted within feminist and activist circles, Lorde’s ideas about self-care are often reduced to Instagram #selflove selfies, with a focus on individual consumption. Using basic principles of yoga—accessible to all—Kajal shares some of her personal processes towards emancipation / transformation as she managed and overcame a chronic illness using natural methods.

The session will work through accessible balance, strength and flexibility exercises to understand and address how imbalance may be affecting personal equilibrium and blocking creativity. Simple methods will be provided to promote and enhance self-care so that you can work towards your goals more easily, learning how to cultivate daily habits, manage overwhelm and tackle procrastination.

You will need:

  • A chair
  • Footstool (optional)
  • A small towel
  • Massage oil (sesame oil is recommended)
  • Pen and paper

About Kajal

Kajal Nisha Patel is a visual artist and scholar-practitioner of yoga. Her interests intersect art, race, yoga and social practice. Shifting between representation and abstraction, her work constitutes a patchwork of archival memory which is represented through a mixed-media approach, merging personal ephemera and industrial materials.

Kajal is the recipient of numerous grants, international awards and residencies. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Leverhulme Artist Residency within the department of Sociology, Media and Communication at the University of Leicester.

In 2008 she founded Lightseekers, a collaborative social practice which uses art and social practice to encourage critical action, care and listening. Kajal encourages the use of ayurvedic processes within social and participatory contexts. She holds a Masters in Social Practice, focusing on yoga in museums and galleries.

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