Diversity and inclusion, why are we still talking about it? (Best Practice Recruitment)

12.30pm - 3.00pm

This event is hosted by Creative & Cultural Skills, on behalf of the Creative Careers Programme, to engage Creative Leaders in their new Best Practice Recruitment Guide.


About this Event

There have been many initiatives over the years that have focused on encouraging employers to diversify their workforce. Despite this, the sector’s diversity remains largely unchanged, still failing to be representative of the wider working population or the communities that it works to serve and engage.

Whilst many of us have diversity action plans designed to change our organisation’s approach, we know that these alone don’t bring about change, only the people in our organisations can do this. This is why Creative & Cultural Skills, on behalf of the Creative Careers Programme, has launched a new Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders., which is designed to help employers reflect on how they might currently approach recruitment and offers simple steps that could help a business reach beyond the norm. The guide aims to support employers to understand what diversity and inclusivity really mean, and the moral, social and legal implications of truly embracing these.

The event will be led by Sara Whybrew, Director, Policy and Development at Creative & Cultural Skills, and Kathryn Worthington, Solicitor at Counterculture. During the session, Sara and Kathryn will take you through the new Guidance, which covers a range of topics including:

  • Understanding diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Understanding the difference between routes into the workforce, from Industry Placements to Employees, Workers and the Self-Employed
  • Determining employment status
  • How to reach the widest pool of talent – from practical advice around job descriptions, interview techniques and induction
  • An introduction to workforce development policies


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