Children and Young People’s Mental Health: New Normal – Same Crisis

24/06/21 to 24/06/21
8.30am - 4.30pm
Children And Young People's Mental Health: New Normal - Same Crisis

About the Event

This conference programme will explore emerging trends in the interaction between online platforms for gaming, gambling and addiction in children and young people; as well as assessing issues with access to services, funding and legislating to support CAMHS and service users.

Develop innovative solutions in-tandem with NHS, third-sector and local government initiatives providing targeted support to children whose mental health has detereated as a result of heightened anxieties, bereavement, changes in family circumstances such as relationship strain or loss of employment.

Open Forum Events seventh national CPD accredited conference will assess how the crisis’ in children and young people’s mental health services have been compounded by COVID-19, identifying solutions and the transferable benefits provided by virtual platforms – such as streamlining access to clinicians, as well as benefits to CAMHS service providers, including strengthened multidisciplinary working as a result of more regular meetings between teams – that can be carried over to the post-COVID world; both for service users and professionals.

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