Art & Mental Health with Christopher Bailey from WHO

30/06/21 to 30/06/21
6.30pm - 7.30pm
Online event
Christopher Bailey from WHO

About the Event

Christopher Bailey is the Arts and Health Lead at World Health Organization and is working on how to improve our mental health through art.

Setting the research agenda, working with local communities and global media on promoting good health through and with the performing arts, Christopher Bailey’s newly established program looks at the research agenda around the health benefits of the arts, in everyday life as well as an instrument in the field.

Educated at Columbia and Oxford Universities, as well at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, before entering Global Health and Philanthropy, Bailey was a professional actor and playwright. He is presently engaged heavily in using the arts in the COVID-19 global response.

How to Book

For more information and to book visit the Messums Whiltshire website HERE

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