Applied theatre in paediatrics: Can participatory performance mitigate educational, emotional and social consequences of missing out school during hospitalisation?

25/01/22 to 25/01/22
2.00pm - 4.00pm
Online event
SDHRC new research webinar series

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Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health (SDHRC) is launching a new research webinar series. Confirmed speakers from the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand will explore important interrogations around the impact of arts-based applications on individuals in healthcare and wellbeing contexts and settings.

This paper relays the findings of the evaluation of an applied theatre project for children in hospital as perceived by hospital teachers. A mixed qualitative approach was used. Data were analysed using thematic analysis to explore the teachers’ views on children’s engagement with learning and the improvement of the hospital experience as a whole through applied theatre. The article presents examples of children’s stories that illustrate the findings. The study concludes that applied theatre in paediatrics can engage children with hospital tuition and learning during treatment; improve the management of emotions; help them relax and communicate with the outside world.

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