An Artistic Exploration of Ageing – Online Session – A Dictionary of Ageing

10/09/20 to 10/09/20
2.00pm - 3.30pm
An Artistic Exploration of Ageing

The Centre For Policy on Ageing guest presenter Sophie Handler will take participants through an exploration of our language of ageing. ‘Over-the-hill’, ‘Active ageing’, ‘getting on’…How do we, typically, talk about ageing?

This workshop will encourage participants to explore the varied shape of this vocabulary, its different tones and moods – and encourage us to think about the kinds of creative approaches that we might develop to challenge the usual ways in which we talk about ageing.

Drawing on The Vocabulary Of the Ageing an alternative dictionary project experimenting with the shape of this language, this workshop demonstrates the ordinary agency that we all have in shaping the way we think about and understand ageing – across the life course.

How to book

As always it doesn’t matter if you haven’t joined the CPA previously or are new to their sessions. The format is informal, there will be a provocative presentation and then break out sessions in smaller groups to chew over what has been heard together.

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