A letter to my 8 year old self: a Workshop by M2Air

1.15pm - 4.30pm

Learn, re-visit and discover. Leave with bubbling thoughts and tiny ideas for creating a new social engaged art projects.


What to expect

1. Learn a little about artists & social makers; Ali Brown & Megan Clark-Bagnall.

Over a cuppa, they will briefly explain how they began working together and how their artist in residence programme for children called M2 AIR came into fruition.


2. Re-visit the thoughts and feelings of your own 8 year old self. Connect with:

  • who you were & how you thought as a child.
  • who you now are & where you find yourself going.


3. Discover for yourself:

What it feels like to create an art project under pressure in our quick fire miniature art challenge, which will (like all M2 AIR residencies) result in Ribena in wine glasses to toast the end of the workshop in a private view showcase of your on the spot speedily crafted creations.


What you I leave with

  • A postcard written from YOU to your 8 year old self.
  • A reminder of what your inner child had in store for the adult version of yourself. This keyhole glimpse into the past will be a reminder of what is at your core, and how you can channel that core to connect with the everyday of this modern world.
  • Bubbling thoughts and tiny ideas for creating a new social art project(s) your 8 year old self would be proud of!

Who it’s for

Any creative human who is curious about :

  • learning more by looking backwards & into the past.
  • making a social art project that could change the future.
  • making something exciting in a limited time, with fairly limited resources.

The facilitators

Ali Brown

I am a Visual Artist and creative collaborator.

I create objects, moments and installations with people, through collaboration we create a space to explore ideas, and tell our stories.

These collaborations often happen in creative workshops, and result in work for galleries, public spaces, and community settings.

My work is about connecting the threads that join us all and marvelling at the magic that happens where they meet.



Megan likes to make fun/ny projects with people. She celebrates the good and the excellent in human nature to create sincerely feel good art. Megan doesn’t make very serious art, but she is very serious about making art. She enjoys smashing together mainstream culture and the art world to create striking large- scale art installations, performances that tell stories and immersive events that everyone is invited to take part in. Her playful projects tend to be questioning, queer, fun, humorous, bitter-sweet and surprisingly sobering at times. Her work is often dressed up in Fruit Salad chew colours; pink and yellow.


More on M2 AIR HERE:


Extra Note

All workshop participants need to bring a photo of them as an eight year old child (or a childhood photo of any age).


How to Book

Tickets cost between £15 – £30.

Book via Eventbrite here.


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