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Learning from Human Henge Online, a remote test and learn project

Human Henge Online is a test and learn project exploring remote online engagement with Stonehenge during COVID-19. The project delivered by the Restoration Trust showcases an effective model for online delivery, which could be applied to other heritage sites as part of social prescribing.

The evaluation of Human Henge Online (HHO), a remote test and learn project delivered by  The Restoration Trust in partnership with English Heritage and Richmond Fellowship has shown how an existing programme which creatively engages mental health service users with the ancient and natural landscape of a heritage site can be adapted for delivery online, and how this translation to an online experience can become a model for using heritage sites in the development of social prescribing.

When COVID-19 hit, Richmond Fellowship’s face-to-face groups had to stop. Alongside the distress of living with a mental health condition, many were left grappling with the increased fear, misery, isolation and loss suffered through the pandemic.

Human Henge Online, supported by Cultural Recovery Funds, was developed to support people’s wellbeing remotely during COVID-19 through engagement with the ancient landscape of Stonehenge.

The evaluation of Human Henge Online delivered by Willis Newson  explored participants’ experience of taking part and identified partner and stakeholder learning to inform the development of future online and remote programmes.

It used a range of qualitative tools including online stakeholder debriefs after each Human Henge Online session as well as online participant and stakeholder focus groups in which reflection and discussion was facilitated through images and creative prompts.

“So, I’ve been ill and um, I’ve been shielding since a year ago..…this was the light out of the darkness”

A downloadable Evaluation and Project Study is available, and the evaluation identifies a number of key criteria to successful online delivery, use of creative prompts and online focus groups.

Read more about the project via Willis Newson’s website –http://www.willisnewson.co.uk/human-henge-online.html

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