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Kate Semple

Dementia Notes project, Coda Music Trust. Prize winners AHSW Prize 2015. Participation: photo: Hattie Miles/Coda

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Dementia Notes project, Coda Music Trust. Prize winners AHSW Prize 2015. Participation: photo: Hattie Miles/Coda

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Mixed community group stone carving
Stone carving "gargoyle" course
A piece of my own large scale stone sculpture commissioned for a private garden

Kate Semple

Mobile: 07793581059

Email: kate.semple@gmail.com

I am a sculptor and stone carver with over 20 years professional experience, based in Frome. I also run stone carving classes at my studio, and have a mobile studio I take into schools, art centres etc. I have taught all ages and levels of ability, including people with disabilities and challenging behaviour, all with incredible results, and with the students becoming completely absorbed in the process.

As much as I love teaching and working with stone it is very physical,and as I get older I am looking to expand my repertoire of materials for teaching sculpture. I hope to branch out and find new challenges to broaden my own practise, and find avenues in which to work with different groups and increase my breadth experience.

As some people are musical, or sporty, there are also many people who, like myself, have an inherent need to make things. In an ever more mechanised world it is very easy for such needs to be neglected. I have a great passion to help people express themselves and their creativity through their hands by making things, and doing it with thought, care and good practise.

I also have some experience in modelling and working with clay, glass making/casting, metal work, casting in plaster and concrete, paper mache, pretty well all things 3D. I am also a keen printmaker in my spare time.

Please contact me if you think I could be of use, or if you have any ideas of places that might

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