Creative Health Learning Alliance – Collaborative Learning Workshops

Join us for our Collaborative Learning Workshops on training and professional development – Bimonthly 2 hr workshops.

Collaborative Learning Workshops

The Creative Health Learning Alliance is hosting a series of participatory online learning workshops to explore and define the key elements of training and professional development for creative health practitioners working across art forms, settings and conditions. These workshops will offer a collaborative learning environment where participants will

  • Learn about current issues and models from practicing experts and researchers
  • Discuss experiences with other practitioners
  • Inform their own practice with shared knowledge, techniques and resources
  • Contribute to future learning opportunities and guidance for the field

Each workshop will have a focus on a particular learning topic or larger theme related to professional development. Participants will be invited to share models and resources in advance to a Jamboard.

The workshops generally will include a panel discussion and Q&A with invited practitioners/experts (45 minutes). We will use breakout groups and a group discussions and include creative learning exercises when appropriate.

Workshops are held on Zoom, and are open to anyone who would like to join regardless of location.

Workshops are priced as ‘Pay What You Can’. We suggest donations of £25 to cover the core costs of workshops, however donations of any size will make a real difference.

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Upcoming Workshops

7th September 2022, 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Facilitating Social Connection in Creative Health Delivery

Numerous programme evaluations and research studies are exploring the link between participating in creative health programmes and positive social outcomes. These can include promoting mutual support, a sense of belonging, decreased social anxiety, and reductions in loneliness. Creative health practitioners take different approaches to making space for social connections in their programmes. This workshop will look at the research on this topic, hear from practitioners about their intentions and facilitation styles, and consider the positive impacts and challenges that might arise.

Some of the questions we’ll look at include:

  • How do social connections and social benefits arise naturally in your workshops?
  • What do you do to promote or support social interaction? Is this a deliberate aim of your practice?
  • What skills and qualities do you think are needed to facilitate social interaction? How do you acquire or improve them?
  • What other questions or issues should we consider?

Using our collaborative learning approach, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your own experience when delivering creative health activities
  • Hear about the experiences of other creative health practitioners
  • Share insights, questions and concerns with peers
  • Discuss how practitioners can best prepare for and be supported in this work

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10th November 2022, From 1pm

Exploring the active ingredients of creative health delivery that lead to health and wellbeing outcomes.

With Dr. Katey Warran, University College London

More information coming soon!


Past workshops:

18 May 2022, 15:00 – 16:30pm: Co-creating training for arts, health and wellbeing practitioners

Julia Puebla Fortier, AHSW; Jayne Howard, Arts Well, and Philippa Forsey, Creativity Works.

This participatory learning event explored how arts, health and wellbeing practitioners and organisations can work with community partners to share skills and develop collaborative training opportunities.

The 90 minute interactive workshop:

• Heard experiences and lessons from two organisations that had developed programmes

• Reflected on participants own experience and potential opportunities related to collaborative learning

• Shared ideas, experience and questions with peers

6 July 2022, 12:30 – 2:30pm: Navigating emotions in Creative Health delivery.

This participatory learning workshop explored how creative health practitioners engage in emotion work when delivering workshops and programmes. This can include receiving and managing the emotions of participants and regulating and processing your own emotions. In the session participants learnt about recent research on this topic with creative health practitioners in the UK, heard from some practitioners about this part of their work, and talked with each other about their own experiences and how training and support might help.

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