Creative Health Learning Alliance

Creative Health Learning Alliance – building capacity for the creative health workforce.

Join us for our Collaborative Learning Workshops on training and professional development – Bimonthly 2 hr workshops, starting May 2022

Building capacity for the creative health workforce was identified as a key priority in the AHSW 2019 Strategic Framework for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Our Creative Health Learning Alliance has been created as a response to Goal 1 of the Strategic Framework.

Infographic showing the Regional Strategy Goals

AHSW 2019 Strategic Framework

Our aims, goals and activities for the Creative Health Learning Alliance include:


Host a collaborative learning process to develop guidance and resources related to creative health practitioner role, preparation, practice frameworks, and workforce development


  • Identify and map current resources and gaps
  • Establish a foundation for action
  • Host a process of learning and dialogue
  • Guide progressive movement towards recommendations/consensus
  • Enhance and expand learning opportunities

Recent activity;

  • Launched the Learning and practice development survey (March-April): AHSW membership and beyond
  • Development of learning activities for AHSW and external events
  • Creativity and Wellbeing Week webinar on the Alliance aims and activity
  • Online workshop on cross-sectoral learning partnerships
  • South West Regional Library Services training on creative health and workplace stress
  • Action Learning Sets continuation (new groups forming >)
  • Preparation and support for people with lived experience to become creative health practitioners

Next steps:

  • Collaborative Learning Workshops (see below) to explore key issues related to learning and practice development (July, September, November 2022)
  • On-going consultation with the field
  • Working group meetings to discuss and develop guidance informed by key stakeholders
  • Enhance availability of learning opportunities
  • Supporting the development of a skilled and diverse workforce

For more information, please contact:

Julia Puebla Fortier, AHSW Research Associate on  research[at]


Collaborative Learning Workshops

The Creative Health Learning Alliance is hosting a series of participatory learning workshops to explore and define the key elements of training and professional development for creative health practitioners working across art forms, settings and conditions. These workshops will offer a collaborative learning environment where participants will

  • Learn about current issues and models from practicing experts and researchers
  • Discuss experiences with other practitioners
  • Inform their own practice with shared knowledge, techniques and resources
  • Contribute to future learning opportunities and guidance for the field

Each workshop will have a focus on a particular learning topic or larger theme related to professional development. Participants will be invited to share models and resources in advance to a Jamboard.

The workshops generally will include a panel discussion and Q&A with invited practitioners/experts (45 minutes). We will use breakout groups and a group discussions and include creative learning exercises when appropriate.

Discussion questions for panellists and breakout groups for each topic may include:

  • what knowledge, attitudes and skills are you teaching/should be taught
  • what’s the best way to teach this
  • what are the challenges of teaching this topic
  • what more do we need to know/how can we improve/who could help us
  • what knowledge, techniques, and resources can you share with others

Upcoming Workshops

6 July 2022, 12:30 – 2:30pm

Navigating emotions in Creative Health delivery: exploring the research, our experiences and the implications for training and support. Book HERE >>

September – TBA

November – TBA


Past workshops:

18 May 2022, 15:00 – 16:30pm: Co-creating training for arts, health and wellbeing practitioners

Julia Puebla Fortier, AHSW; Jayne Howard, Arts Well, and Philippa Forsey, Creativity Works.

This participatory learning event explored how arts, health and wellbeing practitioners and organisations can work with community partners to share skills and develop collaborative training opportunities.

The 90 minute interactive workshop:

• Heard experiences and lessons from two organisations that had developed programmes

• Reflected on participants own experience and potential opportunities related to collaborative learning

• Shared ideas, experience and questions with peers


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