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Talent Reborn

A man with early onset dementia is guided and supported to re-engage with photography and regain self-esteem.

Name of organisation:

KingsCare League of Friends


Title of project/programme:

Talent reborn


Dates of project/programme:

March – December 2014


A 64 year old man with early onset dementia came under the KingsCare radar in March 2014. He was part of a gardening group established by the local Older Persons Mental Health Team for people with memory problems. The idea was to test the theory that engagement with the process of growing and nurturing produce would lead to an improvement in mood gained through the good feeling of actually seeing something that you had planted grow and mature. KingsCare were brought in as a patient support group to provide some volunteers who would run the project. Nic was one of the participants. He was, at first, watchful and distrusting of us as strangers. Slowly the group gained his trust; they matched him with a volunteer who could gently guide and support him; they learnt about his life and interests and built on those. Nic had a career as a film editor but had lost the ability to use a camera. By December, KingsCare had enabled him to believe in himself once more and the importance he placed in the Arts so that we could re-awaken his ability to identify an attractive composition and capture it photographically.

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