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Studio Upstairs

Studio Upstairs provides artistic resources and education within a therapeutic community setting.

Name of organisation:

Studio Upstairs


Title of project/programme:

Studio Upstairs


Dates of project/programme:

2014 – ongoing


Studio Upstairs believes in artistic practice as a valuable way to create meaning and purpose in life, leading from isolation to community.

Their mission is to provide holistic support to people who are experiencing enduring mental or emotional difficulties so that they can re-create their reasons and purpose for living, find new ways to live and experience a better quality of life.

Studio Upstairs provides artistic resources and education within a therapeutic community setting. Facilities are available for painting, drawing, mixed media, digital and 3D work.

The service:

  • Explores existing relationships and habits and encourages healthier alternatives
  • Provides early intervention to prevent relapse and ‘revolving door care’
  • Works in partnership with other services whilst maintaining independence
  • Provides access to shared studios, ranges of art materials and facilities where members, studio managers and volunteers practise and discuss their art together on an equal basis
  • Provides art education to individuals too vulnerable to participate in mainstream educational institutions
  • Encourages members to take more responsibility by using their own creativity as a catalyst for personal change and to develop their own practice as artists
  • Enhances the capacity of members for critical and constructive reflection on their own art
  • Takes part in public campaigns against prejudice and in advocacy projects
  • Involves members in the day-to-day running of the organisation
  • Creates opportunities for professional development including training and volunteering
  • Seeks to prevent social isolation and to return people to mainstream education, voluntary and paid work
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