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Keynsham Action Network: Butterflies-Voice Choir

Keynsham Action Network’s Butterflies-Voice project involved forming a new choir in Keynsham and using film to follow its development towards a high profile public performance.

Name of organisation:

Keynsham Action Network (KAN)


Title of project/programme:

Butterflies-Voice Choir


Dates of project/programme:

12th November 2014 to 1st July 2015


The Butterflies-Voice project, inspired by the Gareth Malone BBC2 TV series, involved forming a new choir in Keynsham and using film to follow its development towards a high profile public performance. The project required a triple collaboration. Firstly, we worked with Trish Williams, from Butterflies-Haven, the Keynsham-based support organisation for families affected by the autism spectrum (ASD). Though keen to sing, the children lacked opportunities to develop their enthusiasm. Secondly, for the filming, we approached the nearby, creative arts-oriented, Bath Spa University. They helped us to recruit final year student, Tilly Karabina, to lead a three-person film crew to create a short documentary film. Thirdly, we worked closely with Ric Davison, director of Keynsham Music Festival, to enable the final concert. With generous support from the Quartet Community Foundation, our local Waitrose store and Keynsham Town Council, we recruited our choirmaster: Charlie Groves, Bristol-based musician and composer. Rehearsals started on 12th November 2014. Our repertoire was popular songs, several reflecting the challenges faced by the Butterflies families, particularly ‘Something Inside’, ‘Lean on me’ and ‘Lovely Day’. We also sang two original songs with lyrics developed within the group and music composed by Charlie. At times it was hard. A few children struggled with the commitment and patience required and some parents had longish journeys to rehearsals, but we won through. The final performance on 1st July 2015, starting with Tilly’s film premiere, was as exciting and heart-warming as it was revealing.

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