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Inclusive, Intergenerational Arts in Penzance

Shallal runs inclusive and varied arts sessions in Penzance, Cornwall.

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Shallal 2013/2014


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For over 20 years Shallal has championed inclusive arts for all people, whatever age, background or ability. Shallal is a small inclusive, intergenerational Penzance based charity providing opportunities in dance, movement, theatre and related arts for a range of participants, including people with Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, autism, mental health issues, chronic fatigue, physical disability, and those suffering from disadvantage and social exclusion and isolation. Shallal’s company members are from across Cornwall and aged between 15 to 83 years.

Shallal’s work uses dance and creativity as a means to address issues relating to health, wellbeing and social isolation that affect many of its members. Devised and led by its members, projects tackle barriers to inclusion through supporting people to have a voice, to value and share their talents. Shallal celebrates diversity, ability and community.

2014 was an incredible year of growth and creativity for Shallal. Their projects matured into confident performance collectives; for example Friends and Dancing and Shallal 2. Shallal brought diversity and inclusion to community events in Cornwall such as Remapping St Ives and Walkabout West Cornwall App.

Alongside these new projects the core company’s main areas continued to provide the bedrock to Shallal:

  • Community Outreach programme offering regular dance/movement/theatre workshops in a variety of locations in Cornwall currently Redruth, Helston and Falmouth.
  • Shallal’s flagship main Performing Company meeting one day a week. Participants from the outreach programme progress to showcase their creative talents.
  • Shallal Studios which offers visual arts workshops and platform for exhibitions.
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