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Art-Lift brings NHS patients together with professional poets, painters, singers and crafts people in GP surgeries across Gloucestershire.

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Art-Lift Phase 1 was funded by Arts Council England (South West) with some match funding from Gloucestershire County Council and one of the primary care trusts.15 artist residencies in GP surgeries, mental health and hospital settings were created, with artists drawn from a range of forms including visual arts, ceramics and creative writing.

Art Lift Phase 2 is funded by NHS Gloucestershire. It is a primary care based art intervention where health professionals refer patients for a ten week art programme, usually delivered in a primary care setting. Patients are referred for a range of reasons (to reduce stress, anxiety or depression; to improve self esteem or confidence; to increase social networks; alleviate symptom of chronic pain or illness; distract from behaviour related health issues; improve overall wellbeing). The ten week intervention involves art activities delivered by eight artists within GP surgeries, including working with words, ceramics, drawing, mosaic and painting.

The evaluation of Art Lift Phase 1 (2008) was advised by Professor Norma Daykin, Dr Paul Pilkington and Dr Stuart McClean from UWE, Bristol.

The Art Lift Phase 2 (2011) evaluation team of Dr Diane Crone, Professor David James (University of Gloucestershire), Dr Phil Tyson (University of Wales, Newport), Elaine O’Connell (HPA Primary Care Unit, Gloucester Hospital), and Francis Clark-Stone, worked with the Art Lift Steering Group.

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