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Look again at Belvedere Ward’s Beautiful View garden

A photography project for people living with dementia at Belvedere Ward at Franklyn Hospital in Exeter (Devon Partnership NHS Trust)

Name of organisation:

Look Again


Title of project/programme:

Look again at Belvedere’s Beautiful View garden


Dates of project/programme:

August 2014


‘Look again at Belvedere’s Beautiful View garden’ was a photography project for people living with dementia. It was a partnership between Look Again, who use photography as a tool for personal and community development, and Belvedere Ward at Franklyn Hospital in Exeter (Devon Partnership NHS Trust).

The aim of the project was to use photography to encourage an emotional-sensory opportunity for patients to develop and express their own connections with nature.

Four patients participated in the workshop. They were encouraged to relax, to look at, and see the garden differently. Using their eyes, then viewfinders and later cameras they were invited to look at colours, textures and shapes and to take photographs. After lunch, the participants viewed the photos. Selected images of the patients work are now exhibited at the Belvedere Ward.

The main health outcomes of the project included improved mood, increased self-esteem, improved engagement in other activities and social interaction, increased awareness amongst staff of the person’s ‘story’, positive response from relatives on seeing that their loved one had been engaged in meaningful creative activity, and sharing good practice with others through the exhibition, thus re-framing how we see people living with dementia.

The secret to the success of this project was in its simplicity, its flexibility and in using mindfulness techniques for ‘being in the moment’. It focused on opening up opportunities and seeing participants’ potential.

Look Again and Belvedere Ward are discussing a residency and are developing new arts and health opportunities in the South West.

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