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Scientific investigations of art, healing and public health

A blog by AHSW Trustee Paul Dieppe: People who are trying to help others with health issues, but are not themselves part of the biomedical establishment, often get asked ‘where is the evidence for the value of what you do?’

Those asking that question often mean ‘I bet there are no randomised trials of what you do that can prove to me that it works!’ Current evidence based medicine is in the tyrannical grip of those who believe that everything has to be proved by a trial, even when that is an inappropriate method to use. And artists, as well as complementary and alternative practitioners and others, all of whom are trying to help people, and who ‘know’ that what they do works, are often intimidated by this.

It helps if you can point to some trials, or other ‘high quality’ scientific evidence. This review of some of the literature has pulled a lot of such evidence together, and may help you respond to the sceptics who ask you for ‘evidence’.”


The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health by Heather Stuckey and Jeremy Nobel


Paul Dieppe
AHSW Trustee

June 2015

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