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Art and Social Change

An Erasmus+ partnership project, which AHSW helped to deliver. 

The Art & Social Change project wants to contribute to developing an innovative training programme aimed at strengthening transversal competences of health staff working with people in recovery from substance misuse and dual diagnosis.

Art & Social Change is establishing a series of interdisciplinary groups composed of:
  • artists
  • health professionals and 
  • people in long term recovery 

to explore the impact of the arts to deliver better quality services, with increased capacity to establish and create empathetic environments centred around collective relationship development that support equality of voice.

Following our first learning event, the project group intends to explore how art has been used successfully in addiction recovery and develop training to increase: 
  • awareness of,
  • engagement with, and
  • accessibility to such support.
We believe in embedding an action learning approach that can support health workers as well as improve outcomes for people in recovery, and in the process challenge misconceptions that contribute to stigmas.
We are particularly keen to amplify the messages emerging from the ‘Recoverist’ movement in the UK and develop training to inform and support health care professionals, building on successful pilot work in Italy.

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The Erasmus+ partnership project "Art and Social Change", (project no. 2016-1-LT01-KA202-023234), is a collaboration between:

 The project will continue until early 2019.

AHSWs role is to facilitate the development of a web-based community of practice resource for the project partners, and ultimately a web based resource on a co-produced training methodology. We also will be particularly supporting dissemination. 

Learn more about our work at the project website: www.artandsocialchange.eu

Read/Download the Art & Social Change Project Report (UK) 






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