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AHSW Advisors

In order to maximise the impact of AHSW there is a separate Advisory Group which have a specific role.

The Advisory Group:

  • Advise and enable the Trustees to make strategic decisions 
  • Ensure AHSW has an overview of the sector as a whole and its constituent parts (for example in relation to arts and health regional and national policy developments; the needs of the arts and health sector; significant changes within the NHS, Arts and Voluntary Sectors) 
  • Provide a two way flow of information to and from other key strategic regional bodies 
  • Advise on sub-sector specific needs, trends and issues (for example in relation to specific health issues, art-forms, or client groups) 
  • Act as public representatives and advocates for AHSW

Although the Advisory Group play a key role in relation to Arts and Health South West, they have no formal powers to make decisions on behalf of the organisation, as this rests with the Trustees. There is an annual meeting for Advisors to discuss current issues. In 2011 the meeting focussed on how the arts can support GP’s in delivering health outcomes.

Who Advisors represent
Below are examples of the kind of areas the Advisory Group represent:

  • Government Bodies such as Arts Council England South West, DCMS, SW Observatory, Creating Excellence
  • NHS Commissioning bodies and Health Service providers such as Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Primary Care Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities, and General Practitioners
  • Organisations which work with specific client groups such as Help the Aged, MIND, Age Concern 
  • Voluntary Sector such as the South West Forum, C.V.S.s (Councils for Voluntary Service), Community Councils 
  • Local Authorities such as NALGAO representative (National Association of Local Government Arts Officers) 
  • Arts and Humanities such as representative from Peninsula Medical School
  • Arts Therapies such as Self Heal Association or representative from one of the arts therapies’ professional associations like BAAT 
  • Arts Form groups and individual artists such as representative from Dance South West or Lapidus (poetry and creative writing), Rosetta Life (artists who work in hospices) 
  • Arts organisations and individual artists 
  • Research and evaluation through an H.E. or F.E. institution which has a track record in Arts and Health research and evaluation such as U.W.E or Exeter University

Who is on the Advisory Group? 

  • Arts Council England South West: Caroline Corfe
  • Creative Partnerships: Matt Little
  • Dance South West: Kate Castle 
  • Devon Partnership Trust: Nory Menneer
  • Help the Aged: Guy Patterson
  • IXIA: Jonathan Banks
  • Lapidus: Claire Williamson
  • Live Music Now! South West: Ali Smith 
  • Myrtle Theatre Company: Heather Williams 
  • National Children's Bureau: Helen Chambers
  • North Bristol NHS Trust: Sonia Mills & Tricia Down
  • Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry: Dr Alan Bleakley 
  • Prema: Gordon Scott 
  • Self Heal Association: Malcolm Learmonth
  • South West Forum: Steve Woolletts
  • UWE: Norma Daykin 
  • Dr Simon Opher





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