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Freshwater SingAbout - Independent Arts

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Freshwater SingAbout - Independent Arts


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Interactive 'Barometer of Wellbeing' installation gives insight into the emotional landscape of a city

Artist Aidan Moesby's interactive 'barometer of wellbeing' for the city of Dundee features a 'periodic table of emotions' displayed on a screen or projector, which responds when words are tweeted and hash-tagged on twitter. He is now looking for new hosts for the installation.

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Movements of Care book image

Movements of Care

A book exploring care as a way of moving and moving as a way of caring, developed and informed by conversations with dancers, people working in professional health care or voluntary care, and people whose lives are orientated around caring for a close friend or relative.

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A Choir in Every Care Home - the report

The report '€œLIVE MUSIC IN CARE'€ '€“ which was published during the week of 12 November 2018 at the National Care Forum and Care England conferences.

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Outside In Artists Support Day BRISTOL

During the one hour, one-to-one session, Outside In will help support artists (who meet their criteria) to photograph artwork, write an artist statement and create an online gallery. Thursday 28th March, 10:30 – 4:00pm, MShed Bristol.

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